St Peter’s Parish Church of Feletto

This is one of the oldest and most precious parish churches of the March of Treviso. Standing in a panoramic position, St Peter's Parish Church is a splendid work of the Lombard period. It was built in the year 1000, [...continua]

The Livelet Didactic Archaeological Park

This park is in the foothills of the Treviso Alps, in an area of extreme beauty for the natural environment. Livelet Park is a series of didactic areas and open-air workshops comprising an area dedicated to archaeological reconstruction, with three [...continua]

Vittorio Veneto

In this beautiful town a few miles on, pleasant walks can be taken where ancient gardens can be discovered. On 22 November 1866 it added the word “Vittorio” to its name in honour of the king, Vittorio Emanuele II.

Conegliano Veneto

This, the second most important city of the March of Treviso, after Treviso itself, is rich in cultural ferment: it is the city of Giambattista Cima, and the house where he was born still stands; and it is where you [...continua]

The Great War Path

The March of Treviso, between 1917 and 1989, was crossed and divided by one of the harshest and most sanguinary fronts of the Great War. For info:

Santa Maria di Follina Cistercian Abbey

Constructed on a previous Benedictine building in the XII century, restructured in the Cistercian period, the present basilica (1305, the Abbot Gualtiero da Lodi - 1335, Abbot Nordio of Treviso) is a typical construction with a Latin layout, with the [...continua]

Dolomites – A World Heritage

The area, a Unesco World Heritage, has always been considered a fascinating territory thanks to the imposing and unexplored peaks: in fact, the Dolomites represent one of the most important mountain massifs in the world.


"I love Venice in the daytime and at night in every season, when it is cold or hot, with dry feet or when the tide is high, always". If you wish, Silvia will accompany you and show you the little [...continua]