Distanza: 22 Km
Dislivello: 700 metri
Percorrenza: 6 H.
Consigliato: camminata.
Vedi mappa: www.gpsies.com

The itinerary is easily downloadable on your phone with the GPS feature guides you on the route.
Waiting along the streams, crossing hillsides cultivated
on vineyards and along panoramic hillsides of hills,
you reach the agritourism Le Noci.
This itinerary along with the Arfanta-Vittorio Veneto
route becomes the holiday proposal at Kilometers 0.
You leave from home by train and you reach Conegliano.
Following this route you arrive at the Agriturismo
where you are staying and the next day you walk to Vittorio
where the train takes you back to your home.
It can also be tended to the path that Belluno brings to Arfanta
(which you find in the article “From Monaco to Venice passing Arfanta)
by train Belluno you can, always overnight at Agriturismo Le Noci
to make you a wonderful ride through the prealpi from Belluno to Conegliano.